Nicoll  Corallius

Nicoll Corallius

Co-Founder  at Chainar

With extensive expertise in financial crime investigation across traditional banking, finance, and blockchain-based products, Nicoll, a lawyer specialized in innovation law and capital market law, brings a profound understanding to intricate inquiries. Passionate about pioneering areas such as blockchain, cyber forensics, privacy law, fintech, regtech, and web3. Nicoll is a co-founder at Chainar, this cyber forensic consulting firm specializes in blockchain-based investigations, providing insightful reports and documentation for cases involving fraud and illicit activities. Chainar's expertise extends to both on- and off-chain analysis, ensuring thorough and credible results.

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Why hesitate any longer? In the battle against financial crime, Financial Institutions employ a range of solutions encompassing Legtech, Fintech, AI, FinCrime, RegTech, and Suptech. What critical requirements of these tools continue to fall short of or prove inadequate compared to manual work done by trained professionals?

With: Nicoll Corallius Tara AbdiMax KrupyshevSviat Dubovskyi

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