Welcome to the core of Stockholm Fintech Week, the stage program! See below for the full agenda, with details being published on a rolling basis. Venue location Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm [Google Maps]

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Monday Feb 12th

17:30 - 19:30

AI in business - a panel discussion at the Estonian Embassy.

Estonian Embassy

Side event at the Estonia Embassy in relation to the Stockholm Fintech Week. "AI in business - a panel discussion at the Estonian Embassy."

rsvp to : [email protected]

Program 18.00 – 18:05 Welcome speech by Ambassador Toomas Lukk

18:05-18:10 Introduction of Enterprise Estonia, Trade Advisor, Tom Holgersson

18:10- 18:30 Panel discussion about -The implications of AI in the financial sector? -How do you utilise AI in your current business?

Speakers: Martin Ripoll – Syndata Hedi Mardisoo – Cachet Taavi Tamkivi – Salv

Moderated by Tom Holgersson

18:30 – 19:30 Networking

Buffet dinner and drinks will be served

February, Monday 12that 17:30-19:30 Registration from 17:15 Estonian Embassy in Stockholm, Tyrgatan 3


Tuesday Feb 13th

13:00 - 17:00

Startup–Investor Day

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm, Sweden

Co-Organized with Stockholm Business RegionTheFactoryReykjavik Fintech ClusterCopenhagen FintechHelsinki Fintech FarmStartup Lab

Buckle up for a full on day of building relationships between startups and investors! We will have pitching, pre-booked meetings, an investor panel and open mingle, followed by an afterwork. Only for fundraising startups and investors! See more info on the page

12:00 -
Investor Only Lunch

13:00 -
Welcome to the new Startup–Investor Day

13:10 -
Investors AMA: Anonymous Q&A

13:30 -
Startup Pitches: Part 1

14:05 -
Open Mingle

14:35 -
Startup Pitches: Part 2

15:05 -
Matchmaking Sessions

16:30 -
Open Mingle

15:00 - 17:00

CFO Roundtable: Unleashing Cloud Value with DoiT

Amazon Web Services, Office

Co-Organized with Amazon Web Services

Join us for an enlightening session where industry experts will delve into the core elements of Financial Operations (FinOps) and its pivotal role in the cloud-driven business landscape. 

This event will explore three key topics: 1. Building a FinOps Culture 2. Cloud Unit Economics for Business Value and Profitability 3. FinOps to Demonstrate Efficiency and Scalability

For more information & registration, click here


Wednesday Feb 14th

09:20 -
Industry experts commenting the Fintech Report

A panel of industry experts will discuss the findings of the Swedish Fintech Association’s Fintech Report, and how they see the next year of Fintech in the Swedish economy to be shaping up.

With: Mimi BillingChristofer FjellnerSebastian Martens Harung

Mimi  Billing
Christofer  Fjellner
Sebastian Martens  Harung
09:55 -
The Battle of Data – European policy initiatives on data sharing in the financial industry

Leading on from the keynote, a panel of experts will converse on how the European policy initiatives on data sharing in the financial industry, the legislative proposals on PSD3/PSR and FiDA will affect the Fintech industry in Sweden.

With: Gabriel Samuelsson BergerRichard WachtmeisterDon Ginsel

Gabriel  Samuelsson Berger
Richard  Wachtmeister
Don  Ginsel

10:30 - 12:00

Cybersecurity Track

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm, Sweden

10:50 -
Protecting the Nordic Fintech industry

A panel of experts will discuss how to protect the Nordic fintech industry efficiently, touching upon AI in cybersecurity, regulations, and security culture.

With: Peter StrömbergMargit ArctaediusSandra Elvin

Peter  Strömberg
Margit  Arctaedius
Sandra  Elvin
11:30 -
Collaborating for a secure financial industry

Handelsbanken, SEB and Swedbank share their experience of collaborating to increase security awareness among their employee, and continuously strengthening security in the financial industry.

With: Eva Bergstedt OhlssonFanny LampelJannica Passad

Eva  Bergstedt Ohlsson
Fanny  Lampel
Jannica  Passad
11:50 -
Compliance-as-Code: How to do regulated business using public cloud

Moving to public cloud can be a demanding process in regulated organizations where compliance, risk, information security and DevOps teams work in silos. The challenges most financial companies face when moving to public cloud will be presented and how Compliance-as-Code can support the journey to public cloud. It will show why Compliance-as-Code is necessary, but also how Compliance-as-Code is an argument for lowering risk in regulated organizations.

With: Emelie Ohlson

11:00 - 12:00

Embedded Finance Unveiled – Recent Use-Cases and Trends

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with VISA

Join industry leaders and experts in an engaging panel discussion during Stockholm Fintech Week, as we delve into the forefront of embedded finance. Explore recent use-cases and applications reshaping the payment ecosystem. Our panellists will discuss real-world examples within the evolving landscape of embedded finance, give actionable perspectives, best practices, and collaborative opportunities to navigate the dynamic world of embedded finance. Don't miss this engaging discussion that promises to illuminate the present and future of financial services integration. Register to participate here

12:00 - 13:00

Driving World-Class Commercial Lending Experiences

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with Provenir

How to Power Rapid Approvals and Improve your SME Lending Strategy

There are currently over 2 million SMEs in the Nordics, comprising over 90% of the businesses in the region (source). Yet despite their importance to the economy, lack of access to funds continues to be an obstacle – and as a result, there is a €1,000 billion SME funding gap in Europe (source). Waiting weeks or even months for credit approval and funding can mean the difference between innovation and business closure. Traditional financial services organizations may find lending to SMEs difficult, but fintech’s, challenger banks, and digital banks in the Nordics are rising to the challenge.

Join Provenir for this insightful roundtable discussion, where we’ll be talking with industry experts on ways to leverage data and artificial intelligence to ensure commercial lending success. Click here to sign up!

13:00 - 14:00

The future of lending with Kreditz new solution Fraud Detect

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with Kreditz

Unlock the future of secure lending with Kreditz revolutionary Fraud Detect. Transform your lending process with this cutting-edge solution, leveraging AI, machine learning, and real-time analytics for unmatched protection against fraud and defaults. 

Don't miss this opportunity to join Magnus Källhager, Co-founder & Chief Analytics Officer at Kreditz, in an engaging session. Discover how to elevate your lending strategy to new heights. Reserve your spot now to future-proof your lending process. Sign-up here

13:05 -
How to unleash Customer-Centricity: Embedded payments that Transform Finance

This talk delves into the rapid evolution of the fintech industry, focusing on embedded finance - the seamless integration of financial services into everyday business processes. We'll discuss current trends, how this innovation is reshaping customer-business interactions, and what future developments we can expect. This session offers a glimpse into the transformative impact of embedded finance, highlighting its role in creating more intuitive customer experiences and opening new possibilities across various sectors.

With: David FreiOlya ParafiyanovichLana BrandornePeder Broms

David Frei
Olya Parafiyanovich
Lana Brandorne
Peder  Broms
13:40 -
Case study with Svea Bank and Bokio: Empowering SMEs: A Holistic Approach to Financial Success

During this talk we will explore the transformative synergy between banking and accounting systems, and the profound impact it's having on the financial well-being of SMEs. Through in-depth exploration of the SME market's current landscape and future trends, we will discover how this partnership is reshaping the landscape of SME support, offering a comprehensive suite of financial services. By diving into the strategic partnership between Bokio and Svea Bank, we take a holistic approach to address the challenges faced by SMEs. Explore Bokio's current and future offerings while gaining insights into the delicate balance they strike between meeting customer demands and ensuring sustainable business growth.

With: Viktor Stensson

13:55 -
How embedded payments are changing the game and earning customers trust even in “invisible transactions”

This talk explores the revolutionary impact of embedded payments in today’s market, where financial transactions are increasingly seamless and almost invisible. We'll dive into how this technology not only streamlines the buying process but also builds trust with customers, even when transactions are out of sight. This panel will speak of the future of payments and how invisible transactions are setting new standards in customer convenience and security.

With: Venla PouruChristoffer Malmer Ion FratiloiuPeter Lansfjord

Venla  Pouru
Christoffer  Malmer
Ion  Fratiloiu
Peter  Lansfjord
14:25 -
Closing Words

The track lead, Lana Brandorne, will close the track

14:30 - 15:30

Mynt and Visa Announce Strategic Partnership to Innovate Spend management for SMEs

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with VISAMynt

The Fintech company Mynt has joined forces with Visa, a global leader in digital payments, to bring Mynt’s new fully embedded card solution available for all businesses. Join us to learn more about the capabilities and solutions this partnership enables. No registration is needed, this is a walk-in session.

14:45 -
e-Mobility and embedded finance - facilitating sustainable cities

A panel of experts will discuss how the sustainable cities of the future will be linked to concepts such as a need for e-mobility and embedded finance, in this look towards the next 10 years of how fintech, innovation and impact interact. 

With: David MothanderQiu MengFredrik BillingTommy Andorff

David  Mothander
Qiu  Meng
Fredrik  Billing
Tommy Andorff
15:25 -
State of Green Fintech - what's ahead?

A diverse panel will delve into the recent developments in the space of green fintech, and in what can be expected in the years ahead.

With: Anja RundquistAnnu NieminenFrida EmilssonTomas Thyblad

Anja Rundquist
Annu Nieminen
Frida  Emilsson
Tomas Thyblad

15:00 - 16:00

What does a state of the art financial institution look like?

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with MambuKnowITMicrosoft

Join Mambu, Knowit and Microsoft for a conversation around the trends and challenges in digital banking and transformation. Engage in discussion with a group of industry leaders to share insights and experiences with the composable banking business models that are leading the way for future technological innovations. Register your interest to participate on February 14th at 15:00 here

16:15 -
Making NFTs finally boring

Explore the practical side of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in fintech. Join industry leaders in a focused panel dissecting real-world applications beyond NFT hype. Gain insights into NFTs' tangible impact on digital ownership, DeFi, asset tokenization, and innovative financial tools within the fintech domain.

With: Fati HakimMateo FlorezMia VanHelen Puryer

Fati Hakim
Mateo  Florez
Mia  Van
Helen  Puryer
16:50 -
Crypto in Banking

Delve into the intersection of crypto and banking in our panel discussion. Esteemed industry experts will dissect the transformative influence of cryptoassets on traditional banking models. Explore the evolving landscape of financial services, examining the integration of crypto assets, regulatory considerations, and the implications for banking institutions. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the potential synergy between crypto and the banking sector, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

With: Erik VesterlundMagnus JonesEmelie MoritzMartin Monperrus

Erik Vesterlund
Magnus Jones
Emelie  Moritz
Martin  Monperrus

17:30 - 19:00

Official After Party – Day 1

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm, Sweden

Co-Organized with MambuMicrosoftKnowIT

18:00 - 21:00

EY MiCA Fun Roundtable

EY Office, Hamngatan 26, våning 11, 111 47 Stockholm

EY, together with Nordic Blockchain Association, KassaiLaw and Swedish Blockchain Group, have the great pleasure to invite everyone to an open Roundtable for discussion about the upcoming EU Regulation MiCA (Markets in Crypto Assets) and how to deal with it in practice. Yes, an EU regulation could sound quite dull. That’s why we rather aim to make this a fun, interesting and insightful event. MiCA will affect everyone who addresses the EU/EEA market with crypto related services. This also includes the traditional banks and finance industry. Meet up and get insights from experts at EY and KassaiLaw, but also hear an interesting talk from the newly established Swedish Blockchain Group. Hence, we will discuss practical issues on how MiCA will affect the whole of the Swedish ecosystem, including banks and TradFi.   Doors will open at 1800. Discussions and presentations 1830 – 2100. Then we will mingle and talk afterwards. Drinks and light snacks to be served.

18:00 - 20:00

Finance Innovation - Reception at the Royal Norwegian Embassy

Kongelig norsk ambassade i Stockholm, Skarpögatan 4, 115 27 Stockholm

Finance Innovation Norway is holding a reception at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, to bring together startups, investors, and corporates for an informal gathering. This event is invite only- please see more information and sign up at the following link:


Thursday Feb 15th

09:05 -
What’s next in payments for 2024?

The future of the payments industry in 2024, what does it hold? We will delve into global expansion opportunities for SMBs and the rise of interoperability in digital payments and discuss how open infrastructure is enabling seamless commerce and how businesses are leveraging partnerships for tailored solutions. We'll also look at the double-edged sword of AI in payments, and the impact of the 'revenge travel' trend on the industry.

With: Fredrik Lindquist

09:20 -
Digital transformation as a tool for reducing friction in payment processes

Payments are the instruments that enable the completion of commerce. With the accelerating pace of digital transformation, new capabilities are emerging within the payment value chain, presenting both challenges and opportunities. How can these advancements be leveraged to reduce friction in the payment process?

With: Andreas WidegrenThomas PeetersSarah HägerRemko BestMia Bjurkell

Andreas  Widegren
Thomas  Peeters
Sarah  Häger
Remko  Best
Mia  Bjurkell
09:45 -
Wild Card

The focus of this segment is to confront the ‘elephant in the room’ - pressing challenges in our industry such as layoffs, limited access to capital or credit, and difficulties in generating revenue and sales growth. We aim to shed light on these issues through personal stories from those directly impacted by these challenges, including individuals who have faced tough decision-making scenarios.

With: Christian Ander

10:05 -
The digital phoenix of money and payments

Money serves as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a catalyst for social unity. Its evolution reflects society's changing needs, embodying the transformative power of innovation and its future potential. How does money, a key component in economic development, remain non-static and evolve to meet society's changing demands?

With: Beju ShahAnna Blyablina

10:30 - 12:00

Combating FinCrime Track

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm, Sweden

10:35 -
Using AI to foster Tsunami of FinCrime Regulations - lesson learned from building a collaborative AI / FinCrime venture

Having worked with numerous governments to fight money laundering and adapt to new technologies, it's clear that policymakers are overwhelmed with reports and recommendations. Using AI to combat financial crime is a practical step forward. In the case study or building a collaborative impact venture, best practices with lessons learned to connect FinCrime and AI - can be prevented by others.

With: Michal GromekPernille Korzon Dünweber

10:50 -
We are not there yet! Manual work is here to stay

Why hesitate any longer? In the battle against financial crime, Financial Institutions employ a range of solutions encompassing Legtech, Fintech, AI, FinCrime, RegTech, and Suptech. What critical requirements of these tools continue to fall short of or prove inadequate compared to manual work done by trained professionals?

With: Nicoll Corallius Tara AbdiMax KrupyshevSviat Dubovskyi

Nicoll  Corallius
Tara  Abdi
Max  Krupyshev
Sviat  Dubovskyi
11:15 -
Impact of War and Sanctions: Lessons learned from the banking sector and implications to FinTechs

Sanctions, fuelled by the war between Russia and Ukraine, has been unprecedented in recent memory due to its scope and long lasting impact. These sanctions encompass travel bans, individual sanctions, sectoral measures, and the freezing of over €200 billion in assets in Europe. This Fireside Chat will discuss the regulatory/political environment that the private sector needs to adapt to and the lessons learned from the banking sector and how those lessons apply to the FinTech community.

With: Che Sidanius Sophio Tabatadze

11:00 - 12:00

Exploring Generative AI to unleash innovation in Fintech – A roundtable discussion with AWS.

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with Amazon Web Services

Join us for an engaging roundtable where we will discuss the transformative possibilities of Generative AI within the Fintech sector. Implementation of AI, in particular Generative AI, is deemed to be the most relevant topic for the next five years in Fintech development with growing demand for personalized financial services, and the rising need for improved business operations. Together with AWS experts we will discuss how to identify suitable use cases, considerations when using Generative AI and how you get started implementing solutions that can improve and transform your business. Welcome to sign up via our registration page.

12:00 - 13:00

The future of Fintech: how to strengthen the Fintech ecosystem in Stockholm

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with Stockholm Business Region

During this roundtable discussion, co-hosted by Stockholm Business Region and Stockholm Fintech, we will deep-dive in how to strengthen the Fintech ecosystem in Stockholm. We will explore both challenges as well as potential improvements, with perspectives from startups, established Fintech companies, investors, academia as well as regulators and public supporting organisations.

This is an in-person event by invitation only, if you are interested in participating, please contact [email protected] to join the discussions.

13:05 -
Becoming a bank - Behind the scenes with Qred

Qred shares insights in the journey from startup to becoming Europe’s newest bank in just 8 years. Qred has as the only Swedish company qualified to FT1000 four times in a row, and at the same time been profitable every year. Being a bank comes with additional responsibility, regulatory work as well as new opportunities for more markets and products. Learn how compliance, structure and governance have helped Qred to build a scalable culture and digital platform that supports international expansion.

With: Emil Sunvisson

13:25 -
A multi-brand strategy – The way forward for (challenger) banks?

Join Kvika for an insightful keynote on the power of their bank's multi-brand fintech strategy. Discover how this approach enables proactive business evolution, allowing Kvika to disrupt its own models before competitors do. Explore the art of strategic disruption and why hitting where it hurts is the key to staying ahead in the fintech revolution.

With: Sverrir Hreidarsson

13:35 -
Beyond Banking: Redefining the banking experience with insights from around the world

Banking varies dramatically across different locations around the world. Let's learn together the benefits and challenges of the different systems, from user experience, to gamification and ecosystem integration, with speakers joining us from multiple different banks from different countries. Here you will hear case examples from banks around the world that redefine the banking experience.

With: Gabriela GiannattasioSverrir HreidarssonEmil SunvissonClare Mitchell

Gabriela Giannattasio
Sverrir Hreidarsson
Emil  Sunvisson
Clare Mitchell
14:05 -
How fintechs are changing emerging markets - the opportunity beyond the Nordics

Helena Caan Mattsson is the General Counsel and Head of Sustainability at VEF, a Stockholm Nasdaq listed growth investor, focused on investing in private fintech companies in Emerging Markets. She will share VEF’s and her learnings from investing in fintech companies in scale markets like Brazil, India, Mexico and Pakistan and given an insight into why these markets serve great opportunities for fintech companies with their young and large population, many gaps in financial services to fill and the unique ability to leapfrog traditional development.

With: Helena Caan Mattsson

14:35 -
RegTech's New Horizon: Navigating AI, Automation, and Collaboration Challenges

Koen discusses the current state and future of Regulatory Technology (RegTech), particularly focusing on the impact of General AI and advanced automation. He addresses how these technologies are changing the way companies comply with regulations, potentially reducing costs but also posing challenges, especially for smaller startups. Koen emphasizes the need for new ways of working together in this changing environment. His talk aims to shed light on how RegTech is evolving and guiding new practices in the financial industry.

With: Koen Vanderhoydonk

14:55 -
Data in FinCrime

Join us and gain insights into how Data is increasingly being used to identify and prevent new and existing sorts of Financial Crimes. As more data and technologies are being used by criminals, it's vital that Regtech companies in the FinCrime space evolve and try to keep pace to help society, individuals, and companies who are the targets. Jekaterina has extensive experience from the supervisory side, as well as being part of establishing the Lithuanian AML/CFT Public Private Partnership "the AML Exellence Center

With: Jekaterina Govina

15:10 -
Should we be afraid of Data and how it is used?

GDPR came before generative AI, but what will now happen when all sorts of data is being used?

With: Lal ChandranMikael ErikssonCarl HössnerKoen VanderhoydonkSofi Håkanson

Lal  Chandran
Mikael  Eriksson
Carl  Hössner
Koen Vanderhoydonk
Sofi Håkanson
15:40 -
Exploring Regtech as a Vertical

In the financial industry, Regtech emerged at the intersection of Regulations, Technology and Data. Following the financial crisis in 2007-2008, the financial industry saw even more regulations and that became the growing ground for Regtech. During this Fireside chat, we’ll dive into the Regtech vertical with Carolin Solskär from Nuverica, and learn how Technology and Data helps clients comply with regulations outside of the Fintech space. What learnings can the Fintech space take from challenges faced by other sectors along the Regtech vertical?

With: Carolin Solskär

15:00 - 16:00

State of the Swedish Web3 Industry

Breakout Area, Main Venue

Co-Organized with  Stockholm Blockchain Group

Come explore the state of Web3 in Sweden, with insights from top industry leaders. We will discuss the climate for Web3 startups, the growing interest from established corporations, and the need for education both for the industry itself, for regulators, and for consumers. Regulations like MiCA and access to banking services will be covered as well. Ask the hard questions and contribute with your knowledge, and let's learn together. Join to participate here 

16:20 -
Advancing Finance: How AI Shapes Banking and Payments

Join industry leaders for an illuminating discussion on leveraging cutting-edge AI strategies in banking and payments. Explore how leading companies harness foundational AI approaches to drive innovation, optimize processes, and shape the future of financial services.

With: Andreas TaflinRasmus LindegaardKamile MazrimeAnkit Nigam

Andreas  Taflin
Rasmus  Lindegaard
Kamile  Mazrime
Ankit  Nigam

17:30 - 19:00

Official After Party – Day 2

Sergel Hub, Sveavägen 10A, Stockholm, Sweden


Friday Feb 16th