Emil  Sunvisson

Emil Sunvisson

CEO at Qred

Emil is a serial entrepreneur driven by a passion for scalable growth, cutting-edge technology, and to power small businesses. Previously, Emil was the CEO of Cherry and co-founded Yggdrasil Gaming. His latest achievement is the founding of Europe’s newest bank, Qred. Since its inception in 2015, Qred has successfully expanded its operations to seven countries and been recognized by the Financial Times, as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies for four consecutive years.

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Banking varies dramatically across different locations around the world. Let's learn together the benefits and challenges of the different systems, from user experience, to gamification and ecosystem integration, with speakers joining us from multiple different banks from different countries. Here you will hear case examples from banks around the world that redefine the banking experience.

With: Gabriela GiannattasioSverrir HreidarssonEmil SunvissonClare Mitchell

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Qred shares insights in the journey from startup to becoming Europe’s newest bank in just 8 years. Qred has as the only Swedish company qualified to FT1000 four times in a row, and at the same time been profitable every year. Being a bank comes with additional responsibility, regulatory work as well as new opportunities for more markets and products. Learn how compliance, structure and governance have helped Qred to build a scalable culture and digital platform that supports international expansion.

With: Emil Sunvisson

Part of Fintech Globally Track