Tara  Abdi

Tara Abdi

Head of Compliance Financial Crime at Länsförsäkringar

With almost a decade dedicated to the insurance sector, Tara is a leading expert within financial crime prevention. She brings knowledge and experience in identifying, assessing and mitigating risks within the insurance sector. Her expertise lies in enhancing risk awareness and highlighting the importance of specific, relevant competence necessary for effective risk assessment and a risk-based approach.

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Why hesitate any longer? In the battle against financial crime, Financial Institutions employ a range of solutions encompassing Legtech, Fintech, AI, FinCrime, RegTech, and Suptech. What critical requirements of these tools continue to fall short of or prove inadequate compared to manual work done by trained professionals?

With: Nicoll Corallius Tara AbdiMax KrupyshevSviat Dubovskyi

Part of Combating FinCrime Track