Sviat  Dubovskyi

Sviat Dubovskyi

Regional VP at Crystal Blockchain

Sviatoslav has more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, of which 5+ years have been in the crypto and blockchain sphere. He is an expert on cryptocurrency investigations for UNODC and OSCE. Sviatoslav is currently serving as a vice president of sales in the region and is responsible for managing relationships with crypto-native businesses, banks, and governmental bodies. 

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11:40 -

Russia is consistently adjusting its strategy, employing a mix of military and economic pressure on Ukraine. This multifaceted approach involves diverse tactics, from crowdfunding military efforts to utilizing cryptocurrency for bribes via Blockchain. To illustrate, let's zoom in on a specific case.

With: Sviat Dubovskyi

Part of Combating FinCrime Track


10:50 -

Why hesitate any longer? In the battle against financial crime, Financial Institutions employ a range of solutions encompassing Legtech, Fintech, AI, FinCrime, RegTech, and Suptech. What critical requirements of these tools continue to fall short of or prove inadequate compared to manual work done by trained professionals?

With: Nicoll Corallius Tara AbdiMax KrupyshevSviat Dubovskyi

Part of Combating FinCrime Track