Timo  Wiander

Timo Wiander

CISO at Enfuce

Timo Wiander has been working on information security for over 25 years, most of the time protecting the critical infrastructure in different roles. Within the nuclear energy field he has set and supervised the information security requirements for Finnish nuclear facilities and participated in the international development and training on the IAEA's information security guidelines. Now working in the Finance sector he has been developing a joint information security training program for the Finnish Finance Sector. As a CISO of Enfuce he strongly believes that sharing security experiences to the community will foster a better security culture and creation of good security practices for Fintechs.

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A representative from a major software company will explain the details of a case study about a cyber attack, and what fintech companies can learn from this incident. 

With: Timo Wiander

Part of Cybersecurity Track