Peter  Lansfjord

Peter Lansfjord

CEO at The Gifted Company

Meet Peter, the CEO driving Gifted, a fintech venture redefining digital gift card transactions. With a focus on simplicity, Peter fosters seamless interactions between brands and users through Gifted's innovative platform. With extensive experience, Peter pioneered the Nordics' largest prepaid program, exceeding MEUR 100 in value. Previously, he held key roles at Sodexo, contributing to cross-European prepaid projects. Renowned for his expertise in embedded payments, Peter is committed to user-friendly solutions that fuel growth. Join him at the conference to explore the evolving landscape of digital transactions.

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This talk explores the revolutionary impact of embedded payments in today’s market, where financial transactions are increasingly seamless and almost invisible. We'll dive into how this technology not only streamlines the buying process but also builds trust with customers, even when transactions are out of sight. This panel will speak of the future of payments and how invisible transactions are setting new standards in customer convenience and security.

With: Venla PouruChristoffer Malmer Ion FratiloiuPeter Lansfjord

Part of Embedded Finance Track