Pernille Korzon Dünweber

Pernille Korzon Dünweber

Co-Founder at FinCrimeFighers

Pernille is specialized in SaaS development, innovation management, B2B customer experience, and due diligence & integration. With more 15+ years in IT and platform deliverance, her expertise ensures enhanced company performance and elevated user satisfaction. Proficient in navigating regulated industries, bringing a valuable edge to businesses seeking strategic growth and commercialization.

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Having worked with numerous governments to fight money laundering and adapt to new technologies, it's clear that policymakers are overwhelmed with reports and recommendations. Using AI to combat financial crime is a practical step forward. In the case study or building a collaborative impact venture, best practices with lessons learned to connect FinCrime and AI - can be prevented by others.

With: Michal GromekPernille Korzon Dünweber

Part of Combating FinCrime Track