Olya Parafiyanovich

Olya Parafiyanovich

Co-founder, Head of Growth at Manigo

Olya, Co-founder and Head of Growth at Manigo, is a versatile financial products and services expert with over 10 years of international experience at major commercial and investment banks in the US, UK and Europe. She holds a BA in Economics and INSEAD MBA, with a focus on finance and entrepreneurship (Singapore / France). Today, Olya’s focus is on driving strong, impactful B2B commercial and growth strategies, to ensure success across the board for Manigo through investment, revenue and team growth. As the all-in-one Fintech-as-a-Service solution, Manigo provides the easiest and fastest way for any business to offer modern digital banking products to its customers.

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This talk delves into the rapid evolution of the fintech industry, focusing on embedded finance - the seamless integration of financial services into everyday business processes. We'll discuss current trends, how this innovation is reshaping customer-business interactions, and what future developments we can expect. This session offers a glimpse into the transformative impact of embedded finance, highlighting its role in creating more intuitive customer experiences and opening new possibilities across various sectors.

With: David FreiOlya ParafiyanovichLana BrandornePeder Broms

Part of Embedded Finance Track