Martin  Monperrus

Martin Monperrus

Digital Asset Expert at SEB

Martin Monperrus is engineer, scientist and entrepreneur. He works in the field of software engineering, where he   pioneers, matures and deploys high-impact software inventions. Founded on open-source and open innovation, his technology is used worldwide in labs and companies alike. With deep expertise on blockchain & crypto, he counsels the banking and financial sector in the area of digital assets.

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Delve into the intersection of crypto and banking in our panel discussion. Esteemed industry experts will dissect the transformative influence of cryptoassets on traditional banking models. Explore the evolving landscape of financial services, examining the integration of crypto assets, regulatory considerations, and the implications for banking institutions. Join us for an in-depth exploration of the potential synergy between crypto and the banking sector, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges ahead.

With: Erik VesterlundMagnus JonesEmelie MoritzMartin Monperrus

Part of Web3 Track