Jekaterina  Govina

Jekaterina Govina

Co-Founder, Head of Regulatory Affairs & Partnerships at AMLYZE

Ms. Jekaterina Govina is an established financial regulation and FinTech expert with almost 15 years of experience in financial regulation in Lithuania and other European Union countries, as well as experience working with different formats of the financial innovation ecosystem. Ms. Govina spent more than nine years working with the Central Bank of Lithuania, acting in various roles related to financial regulation. During her career, Ms. Govina was responsible for establishing Lithuania's Anti-Money Laundering (AML) competence center, implementing the Fintech and Innovation Strategy of the Central Bank of Lithuania, and developing crowdfunding regulation in Lithuania, as well as working with many other related initiatives. Ms. Jekaterina Govina was the national representative of the Bank of Lithuania at multiple European regulatory authorities. Currently she is a Partner at the Law firm Response Legal and Co-founder of Amlyze, an Anti-money laundering solution provider. 

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Join us and gain insights into how Data is increasingly being used to identify and prevent new and existing sorts of Financial Crimes. As more data and technologies are being used by criminals, it's vital that Regtech companies in the FinCrime space evolve and try to keep pace to help society, individuals, and companies who are the targets. Jekaterina has extensive experience from the supervisory side, as well as being part of establishing the Lithuanian AML/CFT Public Private Partnership "the AML Exellence Center

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