Emelie  Ohlson

Emelie Ohlson

Cloud Security Specialist at Omegapoint

Emelie is a Cloud Security Specialist with a background in data security engineering and has focused on IT-security and compliance in public cloud services the past 7 years. During her career, she has worked primarily with regulated industries within the finance and insurance sector where she has focused on Schrems-II (GDPR), EBA, EIOPA, ESMA and IT-security, in order to enable the cloud journey. Today, Emelie is focusing more on building security and compliance for big data platforms to support machine learning and AI initiatives and works closely with DevOps and MLOps teams.

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Moving to public cloud can be a demanding process in regulated organizations where compliance, risk, information security and DevOps teams work in silos. The challenges most financial companies face when moving to public cloud will be presented and how Compliance-as-Code can support the journey to public cloud. It will show why Compliance-as-Code is necessary, but also how Compliance-as-Code is an argument for lowering risk in regulated organizations.

With: Emelie Ohlson

Part of Cybersecurity Track