Carolin Solskär

Carolin Solskär

CEO & Co-Founder at Nuverica

Carolin Solskär is a multiple award-winning entrepreneur and named one of the strongest voices within the #metoo movement in Sweden. Carolin started her career as a sailing chef when she was 14 years old, and after 9 years; crossing the Atlantic 9 times and being in the Bermuda Triangle on Friday the 13th; she switched to tech. She has worked at giants such as Microsoft and startups like Nordic Tech House. Today, she is CEO and Co-founder of the rechtech company Nuverica, which operates in the food industry.

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In the financial industry, Regtech emerged at the intersection of Regulations, Technology and Data. Following the financial crisis in 2007-2008, the financial industry saw even more regulations and that became the growing ground for Regtech. During this Fireside chat, we’ll dive into the Regtech vertical with Carolin Solskär from Nuverica, and learn how Technology and Data helps clients comply with regulations outside of the Fintech space. What learnings can the Fintech space take from challenges faced by other sectors along the Regtech vertical?

With: Carolin Solskär

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