Fati Hakim

Fati Hakim

CEO and Co-Founder at Firstblock

Fati, CEO and Cofounder of FirstBlock ([Firstblock.cc](http://firstblock.cc/)), the Stockholm based Web3 consultancy, is a heart-led blockchain pioneer, seasoned entrepreneur involved in 50+ blockchain projects in various stages, sage of decentralised finance and business models, merges the worlds of corporate finance, management and technology in the digital age.  Fati is also one of the Cofounders of The Cora ([thecora.xyz](http://thecora.xyz/)) and leads initiatives that redefine feminine leadership in the tech and Web3 space, explores the dynamic between masculine and feminine energies on projects level for a more balanced and inclusive approach in the often male-dominated tech sphere.

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Explore the practical side of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) in fintech. Join industry leaders in a focused panel dissecting real-world applications beyond NFT hype. Gain insights into NFTs' tangible impact on digital ownership, DeFi, asset tokenization, and innovative financial tools within the fintech domain.

With: Fati HakimMateo FlorezMia VanHelen Puryer

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